These are my values.
Job titles don't define boundaries.
As a manufacturing engineer,  I quickly learned that the least effective way to implement changes was to "throw the ball over the engineering fence." The more specific I could be, the more due diligence I did, and the more collaborative I was with those responsible for implementation, the more I could lead impactful changes for my team. Similarly, as a researcher, I believe "handing off" findings is not the path to great design. I love to co-create with those who implement, showing my findings in context of potential solutions.
Evidence beats opinions, any day.
Data builds confident solutions. Period. After leading over 100+ failure investigations as an engineer, I have the data to prove it.
A strong process builds confident teams.
Design can be ambiguous, but the plan is everything - especially for those who come from more traditional corporate cultures. Having a personal process to rely on even if I can't plan for the exact outcome helps my teams feel confident in the direction we're going.
Learn by doing.
Formative research can get theoretical quickly. Grounding my work in the principle of 'bias to action' helps me stay focused - and learn way more - than a theoretical conversation. Plus it's an opportunity to make something!
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